Graphic Design

Graphic design covers an almost limitless range of activities, and we at Left-Handed Frog strive to answer the requests of our customers from the most basic products to their largest visual identity needs down to the smallest meticulous details.

One of our main activities is designing and redesigning company logos and signatures, including various types such as letter marks; mascot logos; abstract marks; emblems, sigils, seals, and crests; combination marks; word arts, and many many more. We take logo design very seriously as your logo is the main and most important visual identity element. The final product of any logo design will comprise of the designer’s creativity and artistic principles, as well as the client’s needs and requests, together with a touch of the company’s vision and essence.

Indeed, depending on company size and scope of activities, any business needs to have a collection of office stationery, gift items, customized appliances, etc. Therefore, whether you need only a single business card or looking for a complete office stationery set complete with envelopes, pen and pencil designs, folders, letterheads, device wallpapers, etc., we are here to help.

On a similar note, though the digital age has promoted online advertising to a great extent, nothing has yet came close to placing a well-design high-quality brochure or magazine in the hands of your target audience. Talking from experience here, people still love to leaf through attractive brochures and magazines in order to browse products or get to know your company and its services. From pamphlets and leaflets to brochures of various sizes to books and magazines, we’ll make sure you and your services are well known.

Talking of digital advertising, have you thought about your professional web presence? Maybe you have a social media webpage that needs some renovation with banners, cover images, a few post templates, etc. Or perhaps you’re new in the market and are looking to establish your very own website. Either way, we can design and create your customized website, tailored to your needs, services, and products.

And as a finishing touch, consider this: In the whirlpool of products today, there is only one way to stand out: Being tastefully different! And what better way to distinguish yourself among the competition other than offering a reinvented product through attractive packaging? Regardless of the type, size or audience, we’ll make sure your product is well presented, be it the next world-famous snack delivered to your customers on a shelf in a mega mall or a 19th Century diamond ring given to your client in a luxury jewelry store in any corner of the globe.