3D Aanimation

In order to deliver high-quality and absolutely efficient animation material, we at Left-Handed Frog cover a wide range of tasks and activities in order to provide our clients with satisfactory products.

Our expertise include Character Design, from creative character concepts to low- and high-polygon modeling, UV layouts, hand-painted textures to hyper realistic textures and shading. To put it briefly, all types of character rigging details can be carried out based on customer needs and requests.

We also take care of Look-Development, Lighting and Rendering. Rest assured, we can achieve any type of character and environment style, from toon to hyperreal.

Moreover, we can provide you with any type of animation needed, from exaggerated squash ’n’ stretch to more real world motions. Moreover, we take care of all kinds of Compositing, including matte painting, CG/live action integration, green screen and more.

Industrial design of products, crucially based on creativity and originality, is where the make or break of a product is determined. At Left-Handed Frog, taking into consideration the above two vital principles, together with the main underlying idea behind your product, we can design your product in any size and shape. Let your imagination run free: Home appliances, electronic devices, jewelry and accessories, perfume and eau de cologne bottles, you name it, we reinvent it.